Good Student Car Insurance

Getting good student car insurance could save your new driver a bundle of money on her coverage. However, that's not the only way to get a discount on auto coverage. In fact, there are many ways that students, as well as other drivers, can spend less for the same car insurance you're getting now. Make sure you're getting credit for all of the discounts you should be, because every dollar you save on auto coverage is another dollar in your pocket to spend on something you enjoy more.

Good Student Car Insurance and Other Discounts for Young Drivers

If you're not familiar with good student car insurance, it's a great way for drivers who are still in school to get reductions on their auto insurance rate. To qualify as a good student, a person has to have and maintain a grade point average under a certain level. The specifics of this level can vary between top car insurance companies, so it's always a good idea to speak to someone for more details. Also, some auto coverage companies will only offer this discount to a good student who is still in high school, or one under the age of 25.

In addition to good student car insurance, many student drivers can get a rate reduction if they date driver's education or other driver's training courses. These give them time in a classroom, studying how to drive and the rules of the road, but generally include, as well, some time behind the wheel with an instructor. This teaches a student how to drive before he has his own car and car insurance, and can reduce the accident rate significantly. Thus, many companies will give a discount simply for completing these courses. It's important to note, though, that some car insurance companies will only give a student credit for completing a qualifying course, so make sure yours will net the discount before you put down good money to pay for it.

Finally, a young driver can get a discount on auto coverage the same way anyone else can: by keeping his record clean. If a young driver gets into an accident or has tickets or other claims against his coverage, he will pay more for his car insurance. On the other hand, if he's a safe driver who follows the rules of the road and doesn't make superfluous claims against his coverage, he will keep his prices low and will see them drop as he gets older and maintains that good record. And you can add these rate reductions on top of good student car insurance, for even lower policy prices!

Discounts for Drivers Who Don't Qualify for Good Student Car Insurance

If you're no longer a young driver and so don't qualify for good student car insurance, don't worry. You can still find ways to save a lot of money on your coverage.

As mentioned above, anyone can pay less for auto coverage if they are a good driver. Keep your record clean. As far as is possible avoid accidents. While you can't control the other drivers on the road, you can do your best to drive well and stay out of the way of anyone who is reckless or dangerous. You can also make sure you follow the traffic laws in your state. Pay attention to the speed limit and don't drive too fast, as that's one common way that people get tickets and raise their policy prices. Finally, don't make a claim against your coverage unless you have to. If you can cover an expense on your own, it will probably be cheaper in the long run by keeping policy prices low.

You and your student can also get discounts based on safety features installed on your vehicle, though ask your coverage company about these to get specifics.

It's important, when looking for car insurance discounts, that you get quotes from multiple companies and compare both the coverage plans they offer as well as the price they're asking you to pay. Some companies give one discount, like good student car insurance, but might not offer other discounts that would be more likely to apply to you. If you can find companies that offer as many of the discounts you qualify for as possible, you're more likely to qualify for a significant rate reduction.

Whether good student car insurance applies to you or not, there are many ways to save money when you insure your vehicle. In fact, most drivers find that they qualify for at least one small discount, and most can get at least three or four. If you feel like you should be paying less for your coverage, pursue your discounts with your company until you're paying a rate that seems reasonable to you, or find a new company that will give you better rates.

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